About Me

With over 11+ years of extensive experience in Windows Systems and Virtualization Design, Implementation, and troubleshooting of critical IT systems, I have a strong background in deploying, upgrading, and managing various components such as virtual infrastructure, hardware, software, networks, databases, virtual storage, backup, cloud computing, and monitoring. I possess hands-on experience in Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and its services, including Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud Function, Cloud Scheduler, and more. Additionally, I am well-versed in cloud network infrastructure, logging, and monitoring tools like Stack Driver and SCOM, and possess knowledge of network infrastructure components.


  • HCL Technologies Ltd.
  • IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Koenig Solutions Ltd


  1. Monitoring and Alerting: Nagios, Zabbix, SolarWinds, PRTG Network Monitor, Microsoft SCOM, Stackdriver
  2. Configuration Management: Ansible, Puppet, Chef, SaltStack
  3. Virtualization and Cloud: VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, AWS Management Console, Microsoft Azure Portal, GCP Console
  4. Networking: Wireshark, Cisco Packet Tracer, Ping and Traceroute utilities, IPConfig and ifconfig tools, Nmap
  5. Backup and Recovery: Veeam Backup & Replication, Acronis Backup, Veritas NetBackup, Windows Server Backup
  6. Troubleshooting and Diagnostic: Sysinternals Suite (Process Monitor, Process Explorer, etc.), Microsoft RSAT, TCP/IP utilities (ping, ipconfig, tracert), Wi-Fi analyzer tools (inSSIDer, NetSpot)
  7. Scripting and Automation: PowerShell, Python, Ansible, Puppet, Chef
  8. Collaboration and Documentation: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Confluence, SharePoint, JIRA, Wiki platforms (MediaWiki)

Expertise in Cloud Services

  • Experience in designing, implementing, and managing cloud infrastructure services such as virtual machines, storage, networks, and load balancers.
  • Proficiency in provisioning and configuring cloud resources using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, or Terraform.
  • Deep understanding and hands-on experience with various cloud services, including compute, databases, storage, analytics, serverless computing, containers, and machine learning.
  • Knowledge of cloud networking concepts such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), subnets, routing tables, security groups, and network access control lists (NACLs).
  • Experience in setting up and managing cloud networking components like VPNs, direct connections, and peering relationships.
  • Strong understanding of cloud security best practices and compliance requirements.
  • Ability to configure and manage security controls, identity and access management (IAM), encryption, and key management in the cloud.
  • Expertise in migrating on-premises systems and applications to the cloud, including assessment, planning, and executing migration strategies.
  • Proficient in deploying cloud-native applications and microservices architectures leveraging containerization and orchestration tools like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Skill in using cloud-native monitoring and management tools such as AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, and GCP Stackdriver.
  • Ability to set up proactive monitoring, configure alerts, and optimize resource utilization in the cloud.
  • Experience with automation frameworks and tools like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and GCP Cloud Functions for serverless computing.
  • Proficiency in implementing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines using tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, or AWS CodePipeline.
  • Understanding of cost management strategies, resource optimization, and the ability to leverage cloud pricing models, such as Reserved Instances or Savings Plans, to optimize cloud costs.
  • Knowledge of cloud governance frameworks and best practices to ensure compliance with regulations, policies, and industry standards.
  • Experience in implementing governance controls, establishing cloud governance frameworks, and conducting audits and risk assessments.


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