Google Cloud Certified Professionals are certified on some of the most widely used tools on the market in data analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing. You can find more information about this certification here . If you’re ready to enter the IT field or are currently employed but want to advance your career, this certification could be exactly what you need to take your career to the next level. This guide will provide an overview of what the Google Cloud Certified Professional Architecture certification entails and tips on how to prepare and take the exa


Intro to certification

The benefits of pursuing professional certification include: Gaining a competitive edge, increasing marketability and advancing career opportunities. Earning a credential will prove to your peers that you have mastered key skills and knowledge that demonstrate your expertise, which increases your employability. Earning certification also often results in higher salaries and promotions. From individual contributors to C-suite executives across all industries, many professionals are earning certifications to help them advance their careers and differentiate themselves from others.

Exam benefits

This exam is beneficial for IT professionals who want to certify their knowledge of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) concepts and Google cloud solutions to accelerate their careers and prepare for future demand. You’ll find that there are several related certifications available on CompTIA Certiport: CompTIA Cloud Essentials and CompTIA Private Cloud Certification. Review your interests to select which best fits your career goals, then pursue one or more at once. This can be done by taking multiple exams within your desired track, or by pursuing higher-level certifications as you master foundational skills.

Where to get help

A Google Cloud Certified Professional Architect (CCPA) is a proven technical expert who has completed an extensive examination process to ensure that they have mastered all of the architecture topics required for building large-scale, highly available, and secure solutions on top of GCP. This is accomplished by earning one or more certifications from various entities such as CompTIA and Red Hat. By completing these exams, CCPA’s can leverage their technical expertise to help customers build their own solutions using cloud technology. CCPA’s are considered thought leaders within their domain. Their role is not only to provide guidance on how best to solve problems with technology but also how different approaches impact cost and quality over time.

Study resources

There are two exams you can take to become a Google Cloud certified architect: Solutions Architect – Associate and Solutions Architect – Professional. Before taking either exam, you need to prepare for it by studying for certification. Learn about these resources and study materials that will help you pass the GCP-A or GCP-P exams and earn your title as an industry professional expert on Google cloud computing products.

How to schedule an exam

You must schedule an exam through Pearson VUE. In order to register for an exam, you’ll need to provide information about your professional background and how many hours of coursework you have taken. It’s important to remember that training courses are not accepted for certification purposes—you must prove competency in Google products and services by passing an exam. Once you’ve scheduled your exam date, find out what to expect on test day and review some last-minute preparation tips before walking into your examination. If you aren’t able to pass on your first attempt, don’t be discouraged! You can retest up to three times at no additional cost as long as you sit for each section within 120 days of taking it initially.


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