Azure Application Gateway is a web traffic load balancer, enables you to manage traffic to your web applications. Traditional load balancers operate at the transport layer and route traffic based on source IP address and port, to a destination IP address and port.

Application Gateway can make routing decisions based on additional attributes of an HTTP request, for example URI path or host headers. For example, you can route traffic based on the incoming URL. So if images is in the incoming URL, you can route traffic to a specific set of servers configured for images. If video is in the URL, that traffic is routed to another pool that’s optimized for videos.

This type of routing is known as application layer load balancing. Azure Application Gateway can do URL-based routing and more.

How is Azure Application Gateway used?

It provides a complete, cloud based, secure and scalable load balancing solution for web applications and services. 

Some ways to use it:

  • Deliver and manage load balancing solution for website, web applications or internet based services
  • Provide load balancing for internal web enabled powered services
  • Deliver cookie based session affinity service
  • Enable SSL offloading service that takes the encryption decryption burden out of the primary web server


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