Azure Boards is the interface that helps you track the tasks, bugs, and features within your software project. It allows you to track all of your ideas in every development stage to keep your team aligned with all the necessary code changes that are linked to your work operations. The scrum boards within this service consist of planning tools that will possibly help your team in running sprints to meet the development pace and organize meetings to discuss the plan for work execution.

Azure Boards is one of the best integrations for software developers to look after the ideal status and health of the project and implement the right measures to help streamline the development attributes.

Features of Azure Boards:


The system scales as the organization and team grows – this is critical to ensure we can measure and manage the work regardless of the organization or project size.

Interactive/Visual tools and easy to customize

Work progress can be easily monitored and customize boards, using common configurable dialog.

Built-in Tools and capture information

Items are designed to help in Editing, adding images, and attachments can be done on these work items.


You can achieve more functionality by adding a Marketplace extension. Extensions are installable units that add enhancements to the already existing tools.

Integration with GitHub

It is easy to connect to GitHub and you can perform a pull, push, and commit requests easily.


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