DFSR event 9061 is a warning that is logged in the DFSR event log when DFS Replication encounters a large number of files that are in a conflict state. A conflict state can occur when a file is modified on both the source and destination servers during a replication cycle. This warning message is an indication that DFS Replication is having difficulty resolving these file conflicts automatically.

To troubleshoot this issue, you can take the following steps:

Verify the replication group settings: Ensure that the replication group settings are configured correctly, including the replication schedule, staging folder size, and bandwidth usage settings.

Monitor the DFSR backlog: Check the DFSR backlog to see if any files are stuck in the replication queue. If the backlog is large, it may indicate an issue with replication.

Check the DFSR event log: Check the DFSR event log on both servers for any additional errors or warnings that may be related to the conflict state.

Resolve file conflicts manually: If DFSR is unable to automatically resolve file conflicts, you may need to resolve them manually. This involves identifying the files that are in conflict and resolving the differences between the two versions.

Use conflict resolution policies: If manual conflict resolution is not feasible, you can use conflict resolution policies to determine how conflicts are resolved. Conflict resolution policies can be set on the replication group or on individual files.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the DFSR event 9061 warning and ensure that replication is functioning correctly.


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